New “YOLO” app attracts thousands of users across the nation


New app allows thousands of users to interact anonymously with each other among a variety of platforms

America always wants what’s new, what’s better, what’s now. With our rapid technological advancements, we create millions of new apps every year. Consumers download an average of 1,500 apps per day, with 65,00 apps added to the app store daily. Among this wide expanse of apps-ranging from games to health and even to lifestyle apps-one of the newest is called YOLO.

The creation of YOLO, whose abbreviated expression stands for “You Only Live Once”, truly does illustrate its message. Its founder, Gregoire Henroin, has successfully yielded five million app downloads over the past year. The app can be downloaded on various devices. Its purpose is to ultimately serve as an anonymous source for sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions. After downloading the app, you can upload it to Snapchat, another popular app that enables sending online media content to friends and family, in which they disappear after being viewed by the recipient.

The process of linking YOLO to your Snapchat account only takes a few simple steps. First, you download the app. Afterward, you open the app on your device and select the “sign in with Snapchat” option. Then, by clicking on the “Get Anonymous Messages” button, you can type your custom message, which can extend from “what is your favorite sport?” to “say something.” Then, the answers pop up in the “Anonymous Question” section. You then have the option to either read the responses or respond to their feedback. This allows you to consult with different individuals about their thoughts on any given topic.

The app provides plenty of benefits. Some people may feel uncomfortable with expressing certain thoughts in person, but YOLO allows people to freely embrace their opinions with its anonymous settings. The app also contains guideline restrictions, such as foul words and profanity, and it prevents the submission of answers that could physically or mentally harm any user. This creates a respectful and open-minded scope for communication, while still promoting honesty and self-expression. The main downside to the app, however, is that the responses can jumble onto the screen all at once, which can frustrate users, especially if they don’t have close relationships with the respondents. However, as of now, thousands of people use the entertaining app and excitedly await its new features; after all, you only live once.