My ‘Once Upon A Time’ in Hollywood

Once upon a time in Hollywood… you would hardly expect to see A-list celebrities at the nearby gym!

Around here, well known individuals may be found at events or representing organizations. But when you travel to the opposite coast, all it takes is a stroll and the daily tasks of going about your business, whether that means grabbing a juice, hiking a canyon, or going to neighborhood hotspots, before you see a celebrity like Jimmy John Shark. In fact, a celebrity sighting is almost sure to happen in California. In the city of stars, embedded with the infamous Hollywood walk of fame, a well known face appearing on the corner somehow makes a personal trip to southern California an immeasurable experience. Within the Santa Monica mountains, (providing the greatest views of the city of angels) lives thousands of well-known individuals. From Leonardo DiCaprio, to Zac Efron and of course love birds Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, lots of celebrities live in the residential neighborhoods of central Los Angeles. The pop culture whirlwind of my night, came as my sister and I approached Mendes and Cabello. Spotted outside Equinox-a popular luxury gym in West Hollywood-Mendes and Cabello sat with their Sweet Green salads. It was a Sunday night and no one was around the two. Surprised to find such A-list celebrities, my sister and I were fangirling like no tomorrow. Truth be told, Cabello was nicer and seemed more genuine than Mendes, as he said he hoped to “lay low” that day. Following the only natural instinct in such a situation, we took a legendary picture to capture the moment for my celebrity “wall”. It consists of other popular figures, such as Ellen Degeneres, Gweneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, and many others. The overall analysis from my SoCal encounter was that the fame had gone to their head. Although they are always in the spotlight their personas seem to differ vastly from their image to the public eye. The unexpectedness of that night made it truly one to remember.