Weekend activities for the weekend of March 4

Friday:  There is a small pottery store called Color Me Mine right
near the Ritz movie theater in Voorhees.  With shelves full of
unpainted pottery and a wide selection of colors, this is the perfect
place for the artistically minded.  Painting something small does not
cost much more than $25 and can be picked up, fired and shiny, a week

Saturday: “Beastly,” a modern revival of the classic story of “Beauty
and the Beast,” comes into theaters this weekend.  Alex Pettyfer
plays Kyle, a handsome, stuck up boy, who gets turned into a hideous
beast until he can find true love.

Sunday:  “The Adjustment Bureau” promises to be an interesting movie,
following a politician and a ballerina’s attempts to be together,
despite a mysterious group that tries to keep them apart.  The
critics aren’t too crazy about it, but sometimes they’re wrong