Videogame Expo comes to Philadelphia

From Super Nintendo to Sega Dreamcast to Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, video gaming systems have taken over the world’s youth. Over 97 percent of kids from ages 13-18 have played or still play some sort of video game.
These kids are the ones who make up the attendance at the Video Game Expo; the place where video-gamers around the country go to meet other people like themselves, the place where one can meet the creators of some of the most famous games of all time, and the place where anyone can sample new games yet to be released.

This is all happening in Philadelphia on October 9 to October 11. Ticket prices are as follows: 9 dollars for youth single day, 20 dollars for youth full weekend, 15 dollars for adult single day and 28 dollars for adult full weekend.

 Kids and adults spend hours touring the expo floor, viewing the history of The Video Games Museum, participating in workshops, competing in competitions, exploring the Video Game Festival, or playing games in the VGXPO Arcade.

“It is like Comic-Con for video games” said VGXPO founder Amber Dalton. “All the gamers in the country gather up and meet new people to discuss new games coming out, favorite games and games they hate.”

 The Expo even has a costume contest, which consists of people dressing up like favorite video game characters.

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All those who choose to wear costumes hope to win the best dressed title or other awards. Some of the prizes include winning unreleased games and a one on one conversation with a favorite game’s creator, if present.

 The convention will begin Friday October 9 at 2 pm and will last until 9 pm. Saturday hours are 11-9 and Sunday 11-5.

 Anyone who appreciates the art of videogames can have the time of their lives by attending the Video game expo. If one likes getting a flashback by playing the original Donkey Kong and Super Mario from 1988 or getting a thrill from playing new and improved games from 2009, the Video Game Expo at Philadelphia is a place for videogame enthusiasts to enjoy.