Top “Vacation” Experiences

Rizzieri’s Spa

Moriah Schervone (’11)/Eastside Global Commentary Editor

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Getting away from the hubbub of Cherry Hill may not seem that easy when faced with returning from a Spring Break, but it is not as hard as it may initially seem. For a relaxing experience, one does not need to travel to a paradise resort. In fact, it is easier (and cheaper) to go to a spa right around the corner.

One such spa is Rizzieri’s Spa in Marlton, which provides the same ambiance that resorts from afar provide. With its soft lighting and remote environment, it is the perfect place to relax after a long day. Rizzieri’s also offers a Relaxation Area for guests to unwind further. To put the cherry on top, the Spa offers coffee, tea and snacks to its guests. In a fancy resort, those snacks and drinks would probably cost extra money.

The only difference between Rizzieri’s and a tropical spa is that one must exit back into the streets of Cherry Hill, instead of island roadways. Even though it is located in Cherry Hill, a place that may seem far from paradise, Rizzieri Spa offers a soothing heaven in reach of home.

Mediterranean Style Restaurants
Hannah Feinberg (’12)/Eastside Staff

Those longing for white-washed villages and sea air need not splurge on a vacation this year; local restaurants offer patrons a taste of the Mediterranean without the pricy airline ticket.  Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern food have found brotherly love in Philadelphia and the region, where the flavors of afar have met growing audiences of discriminating foodies.


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ahav, Chef Michael Solomonov’s restaurant which opened May 2008, offers tasty Israeli and Middle-Eastern bites, ranging from crispy flatbread to house-made Merguez.  For those searching for delicacies more daring than the fried chickpea staple, falafel, at Zahav, Solomonov cooks up rare treats such as duck hearts, testicles and rabbit kidneys, all cooked in the traditional Jerusalem style.

Those unwilling to try the offal offerings at Zahav, however, can still enjoy the complex flavors of the Middle-East from the rest of their lengthy menu.  Zahav has options for the pickiest of eaters, with vegetarian, kosher and just about every other kind of dish.  The restaurant, which topped Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly” list, is a bit pricey for high school students, but for traditional Israeli eats, Zahav is unrivalled.

For those looking for a more low-key take on Mediterranean dining, there is Kuzina in Sawmill Village which is located in Cherry Hill.  The restaurant, newly renovated from the Athens Grill, offers an expansive selection of traditional and modern Greek dishes, with vegetarian and kosher options offered.

In the area, there’s also Norma’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Barclay Center, Kanella Restaurant at Washington Square and Pumpkin in Grays Ferry.

Though falafel and schwarma may never replace the cheesesteak, Mediterranean cuisine is spicing up the greater Philadelphia area.

Bahama Breeze
Sydney Gore (’11)/Eastside Staff
Bahama Breeze at the Cherry Hill Mall ships guests away on a lovely vacation in the Bahamas with its fine dining and beach atmosphere.

When hearing the name “Bahama Breeze”, one automatically thinks of something relaxing and peaceful. Bahama Breeze is exactly that kind of restaurant. Located at the Cherry Hill Mall, Bah

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ama Breeze is the perfect place for anyone looking for good food and conversation with friends. Upon entering the restaurant, guests feel like they have washed onto a beach hut in the islands. The sounds of street drums and calypso music fill the atmosphere along with divine scents of sultry food from the kitchen. One literally feels like they have been transported to the sandy shores of the Bahamas without actually leaving Cherry Hill. Guests have the choice of dining indoors or outdoors on a spacious roof topped wooden deck with ceiling fans, a warm fireplace and steel drum player. Make sure you get the Latest News Bahamas from the right source to stay up to date in case you plan to visit soon.

The menu ranges from a variety of seafood dishes to steak, and chicken coated with jerk seasoning and other unique spices. But for the vegetarians, Bahama Breeze has wonderful pasta dishes, salads and more. For dessert, Bahama Breeze offers specialities like its key lime pie, “Chocolate Island” cake, and even banana milkshakes. In addition to the fantastic food, Bahama Breeze makes delightful drinks. Excluding alcoholic beverages like their signature drink the “Mojito”, Bahama Breeze has its very own one-of-a-kind lemonade made with real sugar cane. It’s simply the best drink on the entire menu; everyone who has ever dined at Bahama Breeze loves it.

There’s no need to miss out on an island retreat this Spring Break; drive on over to Bahama Breeze, the perfect get-away.