Top 10 trending Amazon holiday gifts under $40

1) All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) – $29.99
Amazon recently released its fourth generation Alexa Echo Dot. The new Alexa is already a huge hit with users. Cherry Hill East student Nysa Chawla (‘24) recommends the Dot as a gift this year “because it’s super affordable and very helpful whenever you’re in a rush or need quick help.”

The Echo Dot is $29.99 (Courtesy of

2) MINGER LED Strip Lights (32.8ft) – $22.09
These bright lights are an easy and affordable way to add some color to your room. Chawla says she’ll definitely put these on her gift list because “they’re very trendy and helpful when you want to change the aesthetic of your room.” These lights are sold in various lengths through Amazon.

MINGER LED Strip Lights are $22.09 (Courtesy of

3) Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds – $19.99
Looking for earbuds less expensive than Apple’s AirPods? These Bluetooth earbuds are the way to go. Easy to program and connect to any cell phone, these are a great gift. The waterproof feature is a bonus.

The waterproof Bluetooth earbuds are $19.99 (Courtesy of

4) Customizable Photo + Text Mug – $17.89

This mug is the perfect gift for something more heartfelt. Chawla shares she’ll definitely put this on her holiday wish list because “it would be a gift from the heart.” A mug is ideal for anyone, and the customization feature is a favorite attribute.

The mug with a customizable photo and text is $17.89 (Courtesy of

5) Holiday Print Ultra Plush Velvet Throw Blanket – $14.99

This blanket, available in multiple patterns, is the perfect gift to help friends stay warm and festive this winter while serving as a cute and inexpensive gift. Chawla says she’s interested in buying this product for a friend “because it looks super cozy and will be used a lot this holiday season!”

The ‘Holiday Print Ultra Plush Velvet Throw Blanket’ is $14.99 (Courtesy of

6) Custom Jersey Hoodie – $29.95

Looking for a custom and comfortable product this December? These cute hoodies are the way to go. Adding a name or other text number is so creative. This is definitely a unique product to put on holiday lists.

The customized jersey hoodie is $29.95 (Courtesy of

7) 28 oz. Insulated Tumbler with straw or flip lid – $24.99
If you’re looking for a trendy water bottle, here’s the perfect one. Chawla explains how “the bright colors draw [her] in” and “you can drink under the mask,” using the straw. These tumblers come in multiple stylish patterns.

The 28 oz. Insulated Tumbler with a straw or flip lid is $24.99 (Courtesy of

8) Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper – $12.99
This microwave popper is a great gift and effectively speeds up the process. It comes in various colors and sizes on Amazon. This is an efficient and fun gift great for the whole family.

The ‘Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper’ is $12.99 (Courtesy of

9) Makeup Brushes Set – $14.99

Looking for some new cosmetic tools for your makeup collection? This set comes with a brush or sponge for every need. Concealer, eyeshadow, blush… this set has you covered. This is a great gift that is cute and affordable especially for girls who want to try techniques like Powderbrows.

The makeup brushes set is $14.99
(Courtesy of

10) Custom Photo Sequin Pillow Cases – $24.95

Customize your holiday gifts this season! This pillow is a fun, personalized present for anyone in the family! Chawla says she would be interested in purchasing this item because “if one of [her] friends or family likes a certain artist [she] could give them this perfect custom gift for them!”

The sequin pillow case with customized photo is $24.95 (Courtesy of

These are great and affordable gifts to add to your shopping list when choosing presents during the holidays.