The Neil Levine Gameroom is officially open


Max Gaffin

All of the photos taken in this were taken by Max Gaffin in the actual game room with Neil Levine’s family members welcoming our community into this new special place.

After three years in the making, the newest addition to the Boys & Girls Club of Camden County, the Neil Levine Game Room, has officially opened. Shining bright in the center is a bold neon signing casting the new room – full of countless opportunities for local students in need – in memory of Neil, who passed away in June 2018 after a battle with cancer. 
To honor his memory, Neil’s children, Sophie Levine (‘19) and Alex Levine (‘22), created the Neil J. Levine Memorial Fund, which helps to raise money to benefit students, ballers, athletes, and those in need with Levine’s legacy. Sophie and Alex used the money from the fund, in which they raised more than $30,000, to support the Boys & Girls Club with their endeavors to make sure that all local students – no matter their financial circumstances – can still have fun playing games, sports, and electronics. Levine’s picture and a quote from his family hang on a plaque in the new room, reinforcing the idea that there was “never a game he didn’t like to play,” the motif of the room which houses games from ping pong and pool to lifesized Connect4 and Uno cards. 
On August 24, Sophie, Alex, and the rest of the Levine family cut the ribbon to officially open the game room. Beyond the incredible artwork hanging on the walls from past and present Boys & Girls Club members, the Levine family walked into games upon games, seeing firsthand all of the work they have put into make Neil’s legacy a reality truly pay off. From the newest PlayStation dazzling up the lounge area of the room, modernized foosball with LED lights galore, TVs, checkers, and chess, shuffle ball, mini hoop basketball, and so much more, the kids apart of the Club now have a new favorite place to play, share, learn, and call their home.
Although the room has taken a while to finish, with problems like the Pandemic and delivery arising along the way, the Gameroom is still being updated with new games and art to welcome all of the boys and girls at the Boys & Girls Club.

created the Neil J. Levine