“The Cross and the Light” Delivers the Modern Interpretation of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection


Courtesy of The News Herald

“The Cross and the Light” comes to Apostle Church in Gibbsboro, NJ

Jamison Amistoso, Eastside Staff

“The Cross and the Light” (TCTL) Christian production group brought Jesus’ death and resurrection to life at Saint Andrews the Apostle Church in Gibbsboro, NJ on March 1-4, 2018.

TCTL is a live musical performance that encapsulates the events from the death of Jesus to the time of Pentecost, the celebration of Jesus’ ascension into Heaven seven days after it occured. The show mixes the crew’s interpretation of the biblical phenomena with modern humor, and it incorporates modern video surround systems to enhance the production.

Kelly Nieto, the founder of TCTL, was an atheist and New Ager for 35 years. She converted to Christianity when she found out that her mother was dying. She prayed to God, and slowly she began to believe that He existed.

As a Christian practitioner, she wanted to spread the word of Jesus Christ to people around the country. So, she founded The Cross and the Light hoping that others would be moved through Jesus.

In today’s world, Nieto believes that religion has lost its impact on people’s lives.

“We live in a post-Christian era,” says Nieto. “[We] need to tell [Christ’s story] in an engaging way.”

Tickets to the show cost twenty dollars each.The main event is located in the area where mass generally takes place. The walls are completely surrounded with a projection screen spanning the entire room. On each corner of the room, trifolded speakers are set along with umbrellas to project light. Along the center aisle, a sound system is set up with two projection cameras that control the background of the play.

The reason for all of this equipment, according to Nieto, is to get the audience engaged into a story using elements of modern life. The video-surround system sets up the scenes in a way that will fully immerse the audience in the story.

The cast consists of seven members playing the vital roles of Jesus Christ, Peter, Judas, Pontius Pilate, Mother Mary, Mary Cleophus and Mary Magdalene, playing a total of 21 scenes.

Over the years, TCTL has effectively demonstrated Christ’s story. Professor Michael Garver, Ph.D watched the show back in 2014 and conducted a customer experience research study surveying people’s opinions on the show after they watched it. From the survey, 86% were extremely satisfied, 89% were extremely moved, 82% felt God’s presence and 66% were inspired to learn more about Jesus afterwards.

The show was so successful that Garver concluded from the data that “Cross and Light scored higher in customer satisfaction than the best U.S Companies: Apple, Amazon, and Fedex.”

Many fellow practitioners have responded with positive feedback regarding the musical performance.

Allen H. Vigneron, an Archbishop from the Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, says “Cross and Light promises to draw countless people closer to Jesus, knowing his love more clearly, understanding His sacrifice more deeply, and becoming more ready to share the Good News of His love with others.”

Reverend Dennis J. Sullivan, the Bishop of the Diocese of Camden, says that “The actors in this drama are taking the greatest story ever told and presenting it in a manner that truly touches the heart.”

Devoted Christians are the not only ones supporting TCTL’s cause.

Stanley H. Williams, Ph.D., a Filmmaker and Hollywood Script Consultant, says that “TCTL’s presentation of the greatest love story of all time is perhaps the greatest presentation ever staged!”

With the vast amount of presentations the group has produced, TCTL is not done yet. TCTL is currently traveling across the country to continue preaching Jesus’ story, and they hope that others too will be inspired to proclaim the word of God.