The 2010 Volunteer Fair offers community service opportunities

On Monday February 8, East’s and West’s PTAs organized the 2010 Volunteer Fair at the Cherry Hill Library. Over ten volunteer organizations held booths to recruit teen volunteers for their services. From Bancroft to the Camden County Animal Shelter, various organizations are looking for devoted students to help with their causes. If one is interested in taking part in a great community serve opportunity, then contact one of the groups below to get started.

Sickness and Mental Health:

1) Alice Rose “Victorious” Foundation

Bio: A program that reaches out to teens with long term illnesses

Needed: Teens who want to help organize gifts and presents for sick teens and children in hospitals


2) Bancroft

Bio: Runs nine campuses in New Jersey that serve children and adults with mental disabilities

Needed: Teens who wish to spend time talking, playing, and assisting those in the schools and homes


3) Lions Gate

Bio: A retirement physicality that provides a lively community for the elderly

Needed: Volunteers who wish to play games, talk, read, and just spend time with the elders.

Contact: 856-679-2205

4) Voorhees Pediatric Facility

Bio: A children’s hospital for children suffering from illnesses

Needed: Volunteers who wish to play and spend time with the children.



5) Cathedral Kitchen

Bio: A culinary school that provides a fresh start for the unemployed and homeless living in Camden

Needed: Volunteers who wish to make meals and assist cooking classes.

Contact (e-mail):

6) Latin American Economic Development Association

Bio: A marketing and business school that offers learning opportunity to the underprivileged living in Camden

Needed: Students who are interested in managing events, organizing pamphlets, and making videos that assist the program.

Contact: 856-216-0558

7) Voorhees Pediatric Facility

Bio: A children’s hospital for children of all ages who are suffering from illnesses

Needed: Volunteers who wish to play and spend time with sick children.


Animal Outreach:

8 ) Camden County Animal Shelter

Bio: An animal shelter in Blackwood

Needed: Volunteers who are interested in playing with and taking care of animals


9) New Jersey Academy for aquatic sciences:

Bio: An organization that promotes appreciation and preservation for marine life

Needed: Volunteers who would be interested in hosting inactive water life exhibits for guests

Contact: 856-365-0352


10) Quixote Quest

Bio: A group of dedicated teens that take part in an array of volunteer opportunities.

Needed: Motivated teens who wish to make a difference through a variety of community outreach programs. The teens also discuss their volunteer experiences with each other every other week.


These are just a few of the rewarding community service programs in the area. Give back to the community and take part in an organization.