Take time to indulge yourself at Massos Water Ice and Custard in Gibbsboro


Courtesy of Yelp.com

Massos in Gibbsboro, NJ serves delicious ice cream and water ice.

Maddy Kagan, Eastside Staff

This past Sunday, I visited Massos Water Ice Shop in Gibbsboro. I had previously been to this water ice store, but that was a while ago. My dad and I were deciding between Massos and Maple Shade Custard. We usually go to Maple Shade Custard so we decided to switch things up for a change. I pulled up next to the store. I had actually pulled up into Massos Deli but realized the ice cream store was behind the deli. We walked from the Deli to the back ice cream part. The building was a walk up area with no outdoor seating. The ice cream and soft serve aroma of sweetness filled the air. I got butterflies in my stomach from excitement.

As I walked up to the counter, I was greeted with a smile. The server politely asked for my order. I usually take my time when picking out my ice cream flavors. My ultimate favorite is  Mint Chocolate Chip. I was disappointed when I looked down the alphabetical list and saw that the only M lettered word was Mango. I still looked for other options. I decided to get Vanilla with Oreo crumbles, vanilla sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

I talked to the nice lady who took our money and brought us our ice cream. Her name was asked to be anonymous.

“We get kids of all ages here at our store. Its great because its quick and easy. Most people come for the Deli and stop by after to get a sweet treat.” She said.

I then took my ice cream and sat down in the outside area. I would 100% recommend bringing bug spray if you are going to be sitting there for a while since there are mosquitos. I indulged in my ice cream. As soon as I took the first bite, I was in heaven. The creamy texture of the soft serve was perfect for a hot day like Sunday. The toppings made it so enjoyable and added a kick to it.

I would definitely recommend this ice cream store. The friendly customer service and tasty ice cream made it an overall amazing experience.



****- 4 stars