Sustainable Cherry Hill hopes to donate 10,000 books

Alana Kopelson ('12)

Sustainable Cherry Hill is an environmental club that educates people about global warming and how to take care of the earth. Mariel Rothman (’10) and Devon Braunstein (’10) brought a branch of this club to Cherry Hill East and are now both Presidents of the club.

For the past two weeks, a book drive has been going on to donate books to an organization called Room to Read. This organization will help donate the books to a school in Thailand that Rothman’s aunt is starting.

The goal for the book drive is about 10,000 books.

This book drive is not only helpful to kids in need of books, but it also helps the enviroment. “The more books you save the more are thrown out and put into land fills,” said Rothman.

The books have to go somewhere, so why not put them to good use? Kids will be happy, and our earth will be thankful.