Stofman predicts the weather situation for the next few days

Jake Stofman, Eastside Staff

Hello everyone and good Sunday afternoon. I hope that you are all enjoying this sunny but cold day. Now, we have a storm coming late Monday night through Tuesday. This storm has two tracks it can take.

Track one: The storm comes up from the south but just goes straight off the coast bringing our area a light snow event.

Track two: The storm comes up from the south, but when it gets off the coast it makes a turn up the coast bringing us a more substantial snow event.

At this time, track number two looks to be more likely, which will be a real bummer if you do not want snow. The big question now is: how much snow are we going to get? I usually do a first call snow map but today I am going to give you a few totals with percentages. Here are some percentages for snow totals.

4+= 75%

Those are my percentages for now, but I do expect them to change over the next 24 hours.