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Unwanted entertainment items sold at Tunes

We all buy CDs and DVDs we know we will never watch. Maybe it is because they are on sale; maybe it is because for that split second at the register there was a temporary loss of sanity and  we really did think the chosen item was good. Regardless of the reason, after purchasing the disc, it is doomed to live in our houses for all eternity, destined to collect dust until the end of time.

At Tunes, a local shop that buys and sells used music, movies, games and other items, people are given the opportunity to sell unwanted CDs, DVDs, video games and more . For the convenience of Cherry Hill East residents, Tunes is located in two nearby vicinities, Marlton (884 Rt. 73, by Whole Foods) and Voorhees (910 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., in the Ritz Shopping Center).

At Tunes, anyone can walk in and peruse shelves upon shelves of albums from various genres, including pop, rock, jazz, soundtracks and comedy. They could also flip through the four double-decker shelves, each with seven sections, of vinyl records. Here, someone can check out albums such as Miles Davis’ Star People, selling for five dollars; George Harrison’s Cloud Nine, for three dollars; or The Muppet Movie Original Soundtrack Recording, also for five dollars. If none of these are suitable, Tunes also sells newer vinyl records, such as Radiohead’s Kid A, for about 25 dollars, or The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, for approximately 18 dollars.

Allee Berger, a clerk who has worked at the Marlton store for three and a half years, and self-described “pro” at interviews, as this one was her fifth, says approximately 30 percent of customers purchase vinyl.

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Price ranges for new items are comparable to those at chain stores like Circuit City or Best Buy. However, if one wants to buy something used, depending on the age, condition and popularity of that item, it can cost anywhere from a quarter to what the item may cost brand new.

According to Berger, the value of a used item that is sold to Tunes is dependent on several factors.

“We check for scratches and all the artwork [must be present],” she said, among other determinants.

Anything sold will receive anywhere from a quarter to five dollars in cash or the value will be put on a Tunes gift card. Berger said, “We don’t pay as much if we have two or three copies [of a disc in the store].” However, they do pay slightly more if the particular item is out of print. Generally speaking, there is a system that needs to be followed for how much a movie or album is worth. “It’s really complicated,” Berger said.

Furthermore, Tunes is always receiving new inventory. About 90 percent of customers also sell items, said Berger. “We get hundreds of items in on a daily basis,” she said.

The Marlton Tunes is especially known for “The Tunes Cat,” Magnum. Before Tunes moved to its new smaller and cleaner store, it was a few shops down. Magnum would lounge around the store listening to music like the rest of the store-goers. After the move, the owner took Magnum home. Now, however, the 13-year-old cat and the owners two children are not getting along, said Berger. Thus, Magnum is up for adoption. Anyone interested can call 609-923-3736 for more details.

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