Rittenhouse Spring Festival welcomes warm weather

Rittenhouse Square is always a relaxing place for Philadelphia locals to hang out. On any given day, one can enjoy the landscape, dine in renowned restaurants and catch a breath of fresh air in one of the nicest parts of the city.

However, on Saturday, May 21, Rittenhouse Square will transform into a joyous festival attracting over 50,000 locals. The Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival is an annual celebration on a Saturday in May and marks the beginning of summer. To most Philadelphians, it offers a welcoming to a sweet season filled with festivities.

With eclectic sources of amusement including food, fashion, art and entertainment, the festival promises a productive day for any local looking to enjoy spending time outside in the nice spring weather.

The area is completely designated for the celebration, and Walnut Street is closed off to traffic. The festival literally takes charge of one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.

Some of last year’s most exciting features were fitness guru Kimberly Garrison, a kids zone with face painting, various wine samplings and other fun activities for people of all ages. The food tables have been very popular in the past years, so anyone going for the sake of delicious treats should arrive early so they can eat before the food runs out and avoid major crowds.

To most locals the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival is an age-old tradition, and to those who have never experienced its merriment, it promises to be a holiday worth partaking in.