Richard Selznick of Cooper University Hospital publishes first book

Richard Selznick, Founder and Director of the Cooper Learning Center at Cooper University Hospital, has just published his first book, The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child.  In order to write The Shut-Down Learner, Dr. Selznick used his experience at the Cooper Learning Center, as well as his accumulated knowledge from consulting with thousands of families. 

The book focuses on providing families with easy-to-comprehend techniques that “parents can use to help their shut-down learner succeed in school and in life.”  Selznick invented the term “shut-down learner” to diagnose children that “thrive” in hands-on learning experiences requiring “visual and spatial abilities,” but become easily frustrated with core academic learning skills.  In his book, Selznick breaks down complicated terms and raises awareness about the curable disorder.

According to Selznick, in an interview conducted by freelance journalist, Sheila Riley, on, a “shut-down learner’s” academic issues often correspond with learning disabilities, however, they are less often recognized by schools because they are not seen as severe. 

Passionate about helping the struggling 40 percent of the K-12 population succeed in their lives ahead of them, Dr. Richard Selznick enhances the reputation of the Greater Philadelphia area.