Quixote Quest prepares for its “Hope for Haiti” Coffee House

Quixote Quest, a community service club for teens of New Jersey, will be holding a “Hope for Haiti” Coffee House this Sunday, February 21, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Spot Teen Center, located inside of the Echelon Mall.

The event will include teen performances from various high schools in the South Jersey area, such as East’s Katrina Hauck (’11). Also, Quixote Quest will be providing an array of food as well as board games to add more fun filled activities to the event.

Sandra Goldlust (’11), a member of Quixote Quest, said that this event puts the club’s motto “deeds not words” into action.

“As a club, we’re all about doing things, not just saying we’re going to do them,” Goldlust said.

Because of the decreasing media attention Haiti is now receiving, Quixote Quest finds it necessary to continue exposing the community to ways it can help the Haitian people.

“This coffee house is our organization taking one more step to help the people of Haiti recovery from such a tragic event as much as possible,” said Goldlust.

By simply paying $10 for this event, one can take the extra step to make a difference for struggling Haitians and assist Quixote Quest with its stride towards a out reaching society.