Popflation recently opened in the South Jersey area


Courtesy of _popflation_

Popflation’s most popular item has been the ring metal round frame with balloons attached to it.

If something exciting happens in your life, what better way to celebrate than with a colorful, customized display of balloons? The new small business, Popflation, can make this happen. Angeline Leandry, the owner of Popflation, is the woman responsible for creating and producing the different balloon designs.
Leandry started this business about a month ago and has spent her time making “balloon garlands, columns, and anything that is artsy with balloons.”
She explained that within her business, she is flexible when creating the designs people ask for and enjoys seeing different creations come to life. The most popular balloon display at Popflation has been the ring metal round frame with balloons attached to it. These balloon designs have attracted the most customers in Leandry’s business.
Even though Leandry only created her business about a month ago, she created balloon displays long before the launch of her business. “During the pandemic, [she] made creations for friends and families”, she stated.
In the past, Leandry has demonstrated her involvement in the community. Before Covid in 2019, she made balloon columns for the senior basketball players at Cherry Hill High School West. Last year, Leandry created a balloon garden for the cheerleaders at Cherry Hill High School West.
Popflation began receiving attention and customers when Leandry announced her business on the Cherry Hill Facebook page. Since she doesn’t have a Facebook page for her business, she emphasized that her customers can find her products on Popflation’s Instagram account. Recently she has also been able to get business from customers talking to friends about her creations, not just through social media.
Leandry uses the Instagram page to attract people to her small business by posting reels (videos) along with her regular posts. She does this to be more interactive with her followers instead of just taking pictures. She also wants to engage with her customers by showing them the process of making the balloons, not just the final product.
On Popflation’s Instagram, _popflation_, Leandry posts balloon displays such as an Eagles balloon arch to advertise her creations. Along with balloon displays, she also creates different pieces out of balloons including popcorn and daisies. Leandry also posted a video of her opening the balloons she ordered and blowing them up with a machine to make her creations. Her videos show customers behind-the-scenes clips of creating a balloon display.
Popflation has attracted many new customers through social media and offers the community a chance to celebrate their events with a beautiful display of balloons.