Panchero’s adds a new spice to the area

Panchero’s Mexican Grill is a chain restaurant that has franchises all over the country. Due to the success of Panchero’s more continue to open. A new Panchero’s recently opened in the Ritz Shopping Center in Voorhees.

As one walks through the doors of Panchero’s Mexican Grill, the first thing that one hears is a loud hissing noise. The strange noise is the sound of the “torilla press” The press is designed to give the costumer the freshest tortilla imaginable by flattening individual balls of dough. The goal at Panchero’s is to provide customers with a delicious and authentic mexican meal.

The setup at Panchero’s can be compared to the setup of a subway style restaurant. Similar to Subway, customers can dictate specific food that they want in their meal and can watch as each ingredient is added. The menu has a lot to offer from chips and dip to burritos and quesadillas. Each item has different varieties, such as; chicken, steak, pork or veggies. Panchero’s also offers a children’s menu which includes cheese quesadillas, chicken tacos and rice. Each meal is delicately made to satisfy one’s appetite. 

Along with great food, the restaurant has a comfortable environment. Panchero’s is a seat-yourself restaurant, where customers are responsible to clean up their trash after they have finished eating. There is not much service offered besides a speedy cooked meal.  

With its delicious food and comfortable atmosphere, Panchero’s could easily become the new hot spot.