Old Prison Holds Annual Haunted House

Some people love Halloween for the candy, and some just love being scared. For those who like being scared, Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary is the perfect place to be. It’s America’s self-proclaimed most historic prison. The prison was originally opened just days before Halloween in 1829 and held prisoners for 141 years before closing to prisoners in 1970. Even though tourists had been visiting since 1836, the Penitentiary first offered limited group tours in 1988, and beginning in 1994, daily historical tours were offered. Just walking through the abandoned small prison during a summer day is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. But if that’s not enough, visit “Terror Behind the Walls,” an annual Haunted House held at the prison. It’s guaranteed to frighten so much that hard hats were required until 2001. Many people claim to have seen ghosts in the prison. For spook enthusiasts, the program will run from now until November 6th. Days vary, so check before going. Tickets range in price from twenty to thirty dollars, but it’s a non-profit organization. All the profits go to preservation costs. If this sounds like fun, enter Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary – but don’t forget to bring courage.