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New Restaurant Gass & Main Opens in Haddonfield

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Some meals offered on the menu at Gass & Main.

Macaroni & Cheese is a rather traditional dish, but with the new restaurant in Haddonfield, Gass & Main, they use their creativity to take on these simple dishes and transform them into assortments of creativity, such as their Truffle Gnocchi Mac & Cheese.

This restaurant’s name might sound somewhat strange to the normal ear, but to the chef and owner, Dane Demarco and his wife, the name Gass & Main makes perfect sense. This is due to the fact that they were the intersecting streets where Demarco and his wife met their wedding party before they got married in Las Vegas.

When entering Gass & Main, the open kitchen is presented right across from the dining area, with the soft blue walls that make for a calming atmosphere. The inside dining area contains thirty-four seats, along with eight seats outside.

The restaurant has a rotating menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner. One enhancing item on their brunch and lunch menu is the World’s Best Hot Dog, which contains snake river wagyu beef, housemade sweet heat mustard, pickled celery, pickled shallot, and split top brioche. They elevate a hot dog, and continue to do the same with other items, such as the BBQ’D Oyster Mushroom.

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I ordered the grilled rainbow carrots for my dinner appetizer. This came with roasted and grilled rainbow carrots tossed with za’atar spice over gazpacho spread, herbs, and crispy chickpeas. The fresh taste immensely stood out in the carrots, followed by the richness and flavor of the spread.

For main courses, I indulged in the Big Salad and the Mussels. The name accurately spoke for the salad, being a very large proportion. It was filled with shredded romaine, arcadia greens, cowboy caviar, avocado, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, tortilla strips in a catalina vinaigrette, and added-in chicken. The toppings were heavily added in, with the chicken standing out the most with its appealing flavor. The toppings complimented each other well, making up the combination of crunchy and creamy.

The Mussels were topped with chipotle root vegetables, flour tortilla, avocado crema, pickled shallot, and almond dust. The mussels were the perfect mix between salty and spicy, one not overpowering the other. There were a good amount of mussels, making for a well sized and filling main course.

After the savory overload, something sweet was needed to balance it out. The doughnut holes were the perfect dish for this. Mini doughnut holes in a ball shape were placed with three sides, melted chocolate, a white sweet cream, and grape jelly. This dessert was impeccable, with just the right amount of sweetness and each sugary dip bringing out something different in the doughnut holes.

Gass & Main’s strategy of using the inspiration from plain, simple dishes and changing them to be elaborate and unique speaks for the originality of this restaurant.

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