Marlton Recreation Center held its first Craft & Vendor Market


Laavanya Viswanathan ('26)

The Marlton Craft & Vendor Market was full of booths selling a variety of products.

On Sunday, March 19, the Marlton Recreation Center held its first official craft & vendor market from 12:00-6:00 pm. Located on 1004 Tuckerton Rd. Marlton, NJ, the market consisted of many booths with people selling their own handmade crafts and creations including different styles of art, food, games, and everyday items.
Lined up in front of the recreation center were two food trucks with warm meals for people. From the minute people walked into the recreation center, they could hear the live music and see the whole basketball court filled with shoppers and vendors. There were a wide variety of booths to visit with different items at each such as soaps, wooden carvings, rugs, towels, and many simple or Easter-themed decorations.
Many of the vendors there had different reasons for making and selling their items at the market. Some people just enjoyed making items and wanted to sell them to people who would be interested, but others had experienced something that made them interested in creating their products.
One booth, a company called Backyard Farms, sold gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free dips as well as desserts to eat with different cuisines. They found that there weren’t enough healthy foods on the market, so they wanted to create more. They attended the market event so their company could experience customer interaction, and the customers could taste and choose the dip they wanted. Additionally, there was a soap stand created by Cherry Hill East alum, Danielle Miglio, who created soaps that could benefit both her and her husband’s skin. It was her second year of business, but her first time at the vendor market.
“I’ll be here the next five months!” Miglio expressed her excitement to come back and participate in the vendor market throughout the summer and fall seasons.
There was a booth at the very front of the entrance organized by the woman in charge of the event, Beth Ronketty. Her stand sold handmade birdhouses. She explained how normally there is a holiday show in Rancocas Valley, but this year there was no show, so she and her husband decided to do a craft show of their own.
“We learned from the mistakes,” Ronketty explained after doing a test run in December to see how the market would work out. Now, they are scheduled to have the market event on the third Sunday of each month from March to December in 2023. Additionally, they are already lined up for March to December in 2024!
The vendors ranged from sixth graders to older community members selling their work. The market event was a great way for them to spend their Sunday and have a new experience. Getting the chance to explain their creations and seeing people amazed by them was an incredible opportunity that the market gave the vendors.
What started as a backup to a canceled holiday show turned into an event where people can be exposed to new, beautiful products and art once a month from spring to fall.