Main Street Maple Shade hosts a holiday festival


Abby Auerbach ('26)

Guests from the community came together to celebrate the start of the holiday season.

On December 2, Main Street Maple Shade welcomed the upcoming holiday season by hosting a holiday festival. The festival provided fun activities for both young kids and adults to participate in to get ready for the holiday season.
The joyous night began at 6:00 pm and invited the community to come together to join in on the fun. Main Street was decorated with Christmas trees bearing colorful lights and a snow blower with kids swarming around to participate in the activities. Kids were provided with an opportunity to see their favorite characters, ride ponies, and get their faces painted. The holiday festival also had various food options for all ages to enjoy.
Dana Ampy, the event host, was very excited to host her second holiday festival in Maple Shade. “My favorite thing is bringing people together. I love how everybody just comes together, they enjoy one another, it’s just nothing but love and holiday cheer,” Ampy said. She continues to say how she loves the free giveaways at the festival and the selling of items from local businesses. Throughout the night, Ampy was on the microphone making announcements and spreading holiday cheer with the guests.
The cold December night did not stop the excitement and fun for the guests. The main event for many kids was taking a picture with characters such as Elmo, Cocomelon, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Long lines were filled with eager kids hoping to get up close to their favorite character. After taking photos, guests had the opportunity to get a snowflake painted onto their faces. They got to choose from a pallet with a variety of color options. In addition to face painting, kids also enjoyed riding around on each of the three ponies. Many teenagers bonded during the holiday festival by spending their time playing football and other sports on the lawn.
Once people finished participating in the activities at the event, they were able to buy their favorite foods at the seafood truck, desert truck, or Dan’s Waffles truck. The Dan’s Waffles truck seemed to be the most popular food option at the festival. Some of their most popular menu items included chicken fingers, waffles, and milkshakes. As the night went on, kids continued to hang out, play, and enjoy the holiday fun with the rest of their community. Just before the end of the night, a fire truck drove around town with lights, a blowup reindeer, and holiday cheer. The attendees left the festival at around 9:00 pm feeling excited and overjoyed for the upcoming holiday season.