January 2015 sees small signs of snow


Cherry Hill residents should expect snow for the next few days.

Jake Stofman, For Eastside

As forecasts have predicted, Cherry Hill and neighboring towns can expect snow tomorrow. The question is whether or not the storm forms off the coast. There are signs of the storm coming through our area and a low pressure system developing to our south. If it does so, then that storm will come up the coast and bring us an ample amount of snow. On the other hand, if the storm does not strengthen, and it just goes off the coast and out to sea, we could be looking at approximately two inches of snow. As for my predictions, I expect Cherry Hill to experience 1.8-3.3 inches of snow. Now this could possibly change, but I am about 80% confident that these totals are what we are going to end up with. So, expect to bundle up and prepare for a stormy Wednesday.