Inauguration comes to Philly

Although the real 2009 Presidential Inauguration takes place in Washington DC, Philadelphia creates its own ways to celebrate.

Beginning at eleven a.m. on Tuesday January 20th, Inauguration Day, the Philadelphia Visitor Center will be projecting the inauguration on a giant screen outside of the building.  Viewers can enjoy the premier without the tight security of the Washington DC inauguration, free to bring backpacks, coolers and strollers.  The Center will also have an indoor showing of the inauguration for those who don’t want to face the cold weather. 

The Franklin Institute, on January 20th, offers children and adults alike the chance to watch history unfold, as they will be broadcasting the Inauguration in the Franklin Theatre.  The historic perk is included in admission to the museum and will begin at 11:30. 

The National Constitution Center, in honor of the Inauguration of our country’s first African President, explores United States history in their newest exhibit, America I AM: The African American Imprint. The exhibit teaches about other African Americans’ history changing accomplishments, acknowledging the significance of Barack Obama’s Inauguration. 

Whether it’s bundling up to experience the Inauguration outside in Independence Mall, or taking the time to educate oneself about the history of African American achievements, Philadelphia provides plenty of opportunities for the community to take part in the 2009  Presidential Inauguration.