Habitat for Humanity Reflection: Day 2

Kayla Schorr ('14), Eastside News/Features Editor

The second day of Habitat was a great success. Although we planned on shaking things up a bit and working on new projects with new groups, we stayed with the same routine and accomplished a lot.

I personally worked with Jordan Stein (’14), Cameron Butts (’14) and Rebecca Cohen (’15) in the attic of the house. I seriously do not know how to put this daunting task into words. Basically, we had to caulk all of the crevices in the attic, however, many obstacles hindered our success. The roof was extremely short, so the entire time we had to bend down, probably causing permanent back injury. At the same time, we could only walk on minuscule wooden planks, whereas walking on the drywall underneath would lead to falling through the roof causing ultimate demise. After being stabbed by a multitude of nails, banging our heads on random wooden planks, freezing in theĀ  37 degree weather and fighting for any source of light, we actually finished our project successfully.

Other projects also achieved great turnouts. Kevin Gorenberg (’13), Ryan Berlin (’14) and Dylan Fingerman (’13) worked tirelessly both days on laying out the hardwood floor in the den. I would just like to commend them for working so diligently on their project and persevering through obstacles that came up. We also completed most of the siding and paint jobs within the home. We are certainly on the right track to completion.

I hope to recover from my tragic laser tag loss tonight, but I await tomorrow’s challenges.