East uses interactive learning websites


Courtesy of Edpuzzle

Students are using interactive websites more than ever because of online learning, one of which is Edpuzzle.

Online learning this year at Cherry Hill East means new ways of learning. This year, East teachers have been using new websites. My personal opinion on these websites is that they make class more fun. I enjoy how us students are no longer learning by only google meet and worksheets. I personally prefer the new websites to worksheets, since after doing so many worksheets, it gets boring after a long night of homework. There are five interactive websites that I can tell you about, ranked from best to worst, from a student’s perspective.
Nearpod is my favorite of these websites because I can see the powerpoint presentations better on a full screen than I can see it on the google meets. To add, we can also answer questions for our teachers to possibly grade.

Another favorite extension of mine is Edpuzzle. I enjoy how the questions are spread across the video instead of our teachers giving us a boring video to watch, and then a worksheet to complete following the video. Edpuzzle allows us to answer questions during the video, making it easier for us to accurately and efficiently answer any questions the teachers want us to remember.

After Edpuzzle, there is a website called Peardeck which is similar to Nearpod. In my opinion I feel as if it is a less advanced version of Nearpod.

Jamboard I would rank fourth, since it has similar features to Nearpod with the collaborative boards where students can all edit the same document or slideshow. But, they also give features which allow you to draw, even though most students’ drawings on a device are not satisfactory.

CK-12 is also used by many teachers. Specifically, science teachers have been using CK12 as textbooks which also provides questions for the students to answer following the reading assigned. The website gives an article to read with a series of questions to go alongside the text. This website is fine and nothing special, which is why I ranked it so low.

GoFormative is my least favorite interactive website because it is where we take our tests or quizzes as opposed to taking our tests or quizzes on google forms. Once time is up, you cannot finish answering any questions, and a problem for me is not being able to wrap up a sentence like I would be able to in person. The website is different from others though, where there is a feature where we can record audio for language classes.

Continuing online learning, and possibly hybrid in the future, teachers will continue to be using these new interactive websites for their students. These websites are helping teachers spice up their workload, and are allowing students to learn visually, verbally, logically, etc. These websites are allowing students at Cherry Hill East to have more interesting work, instead of using google documents constantly which makes learning for students so much easier.