Dulce Artisanal Pastry Review


Lalitha Viswanathan (‘22)

This cake is one of the many desserts offered at Dulce Artisanal Pastry.

Lalitha Viswanathan, Eastside Staff

Dulce Artisanal Pastry located in Collingswood, NJ, combines amazing desserts and a cute shop all into one restaurant. Currently, the bakery is nicely decorated for Easter, with lavender pixie lights hanging from the ceiling and bunnies around the shop. The food in general is very light and has a very subtle taste with no overpowering sweetness.  

Although the customer service was a bit slow and they forgot a dessert, the cashiers made up for it because they were very patient while customers placed their orders. The shop has a limited amount of options to choose from, but each are uniquely delicious in their own way. All of the desserts are showcased in one compartment, so if you have a tree nut allergy, it might not be the best place to eat due to possible contamination.

The Dulce Chocolate Tart was very decadent. The crust adds a crunchy texture and the chocolate ganache and dulce de leche filling is very silky and is not overpowered with sugar. There is a salted caramel base that amazingly compliments the chocolate.  

The deliciousness of this dessert left me in shock! The creaminess of the filling was very impressive. The one thing about this shop is that they do an excellent job of balancing the sweetness of their desserts. None of the desserts had an overwhelming sweetness, which provided a very pleasant taste.

In addition to selling desserts, Dulce Artisanal Pastry also bakes various loaves of bread, pastries, cookies, and various other confections. They also offer a range of beverages from homemade coffee and fresh tea.

The Chocolate Mint Mousse Cake had a very interesting taste. The whipped mousse had a very strong but natural minty flavor. The actual cake portion was very decadent and was very rich in its dark chocolate. Together, the flavors nicely compliment each other. It is a great dessert to try if you are a sucker for the mint-chocolate combination.

The Fruit Tart Croquette was delightfully unique. The cream in the fruit tart is delicate and not overpoweringly sweet, allowing a nice balance with the fruit. The crust of this fruit tart was different than a usual hard one. A croquette typically has a crumbly and exterior and it just melts in your mouth, and this fruit tart is no exception!

Overall, this restaurant deserves a visit because it has something that will satisfy even the most diverse palettes. I would gladly go again just to have the Dulce Chocolate Tart. I definitely recommend this restaurant to those who are interested in trying a classic dessert with a modern twist.