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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Cruising the Cherry Hill Mall creates countless gift ideas

Has the thought of not knowing what to buy for the holidays got you down? Don’t worry; the ultimate shopping guide for the Cherry Hill Mall is now at your fingertips.

Problem: Gifts for that mother who always reminds you to clean your room.

Solution- Add more “junk” to one of her favorite rooms in the house, the kitchen; but this time she’ll appreciate it. Kitchen Kapers is the perfect solution. From cooking tools, to appliances, to decorations for the kitchen, there will be something to put a smile on your mother’s face. The hottest gift for the holidays this year is “AeroGarden,” an herb garden that is self-sustainable for every mother who isn’t blessed with a green thumb.

Problem: Never know what is just right for that picky dad of yours?

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Solution- Try shopping at RadioShack. With all the latest gadgets, RadioShack will be able to satisfy your dad’s craving for the newest technology on the market. Another possibility is f.y.e. Music and Movies. With the latest movie releases, and music from every generation, you can find plenty of gifts for your dad.

Problem: Can’t find a gift for that special someone?

Solution: Guys, you can never go wrong with casual wear from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line. With the comfiest pajamas, the cutest sweats, and the most desirable t-shirts, there is plenty to choose from. However, if you are hesitant about buying clothes, why not try perfume?

“Estée Lauder’s fragrance, ‘Beautiful’ is the number one selling fragrance in the country,” said Mimi Glass, a sales clerk at Macy’s.

Girls are notorious for complaining about how hard it is to shop for their boyfriend. Don’t sweat it. This year, try going to stores such as Foot Locker and Finish Line for the hippest athletic shoes, clothing, and sporting goods. Sports related items are always a good way to go when shopping for guys.

“What’s hot right now? Anything and everything Polo,” said Timothy Booker at the men’s department in Macy’s.

Problem: You know everything possible about your best friend, except what to get him or her for the holidays.

Solution: If your best friend is a girl, a minimum gift card of $50 to MAC Cosmetics will allow her to have her make-up done by a specialist at MAC. Another excellent make-up store is Sephora, which has thousands of brands of make-up, hair and beauty products. If your best friend is a guy, all of the previously mentioned stores for males have a wide range of gifts for your best friend.

Problem: Buying a gift for that pesky brother or sister of yours.

Solution: To get them off your back for at least a day, buy them something that they want. For younger siblings, The Disney Store and Build-A-Bear offer a wide variety of stuffed animapresent.jpgls that could become their new best friends. For older siblings, try shopping at some of the aforementioned stores because they are sure to put a smile on your brother or sister’s face.

Problem: You are shopping for somebody -anybody- who is the pickiest person of them all!

Solution: Do not dismay because this seemingly impossible feat can be overcome. The perfect solution for the person that is the hardest to shop for is the Preit Mall Gift Card. The Preit Mall Gift Card can be used at thousands of stores located at Preit Malls in the USA, including the Cherry Hill Mall. Let that person decide what they want, and allow yourself not to worry if you bought the right thing!

Now that you have read the ultimate shopping guide for finding gifts at the Cherry Hill Mall, start shopping!