Croft Farm hosts a harvest festival


Courtesy of Gabrielle Levine ('26)

Guests sold shirts, bags, food, coffee, jewelry, candles, decor, and more at their tents during the festival.

Croft Farm in Cherry Hill hosted a Harvest Festival, bringing in local people to engage in numerous activities. The farm provided attractions for both adults and children including a petting zoo, a beer garden, a beautiful pumpkin patch, and more.
When first walking into the festival, people were surrounded by swarms of tents selling fall products and other goods. Many tents were advertising and selling shirts, bags, food, coffee, jewelry, candles, decor, and other commonly used items. People also stood in long lines to purchase a cool, refreshing drink, or a delicious meal to fill them up at the festival.
Ericha Farrington, the special events coordinator, and Matt Bear, the events and social media coordinator, explain that since the activities they provide have been successful before, they trust them to be a great source of entertainment again. Farrington says that people “love coming together with their friends and neighbors,” to take part in the festival. About 3,000 people typically show up to the festival to walk around, go shopping around the tents, and show their support for the farm.
Different contests and activities took place throughout the festival. A hula hooping contest was popular among the guests, as well as a wheel they could spin to earn a special prize. A person dressed as Frankenstein with stilts caught the attention of many guests, and young children’s faces were lit up by a woman dressed as Elsa.
The pumpkin patch was one of the most popular places people visited. Guests got into the fall spirit by picking out free pumpkins at the festival. The petting zoo was another exciting place to stop by. Many people enjoyed petting goats, donkeys, ducks, bunnies, sheep, roosters, and chickens. Children were delighted to pet different animals, and ride the ponies next to the petting zoo.
A musician visited the farm and sang different songs, bringing more joy to the festival. Later on, the Mayor of Cherry Hill, Susan Angulo, gave a speech about the community at the festival and all of the activities available. When asked what she found special about the festival, one thing she said was how, “it’s all about the community coming together,” (Angulo, Mayor of Cherry Hill). The ability to support others in our community is a great skill to display.
The festival at Croft Farm was an excellent way for the community to come together and support one another. Stepping outside and walking around on this gorgeous day brought happiness to the community and got people into the fall spirit!