Creamy Acres provides a dose of Halloween fright

During the chilly month of October, South Jersey residents seek ghoulish Halloween experiences. Running from powerful chainsaws, hiding from horrific ghosts and screaming in fear are just a few of the many ways to heighten the Halloween spirit. Take a ride on a turbulent hayride at Creamy Acres where gruesome attractions await the south jersey brave of heart.

Although some thrill seekers may wish to kindle the Halloween spirit within the boundaries of a chilly city atmosphere, some may hope to find a thrill within a twisted fall farm. Creamy Acres has a strong fear factor, but it also allows its guests to enjoy typical fall festivities. During the “Night of Terror” at Creamy Acres, guests venture out into the dark corn fields of the Mullica Hill farm to discover alarming ghouls, ghosts and zombies. Stumbling through pitch dark passage ways, guests must find their way back with only a feeble flashlight. The corn maze is only one part of the petrifying night at Creamy Acres; there are five other attractions that cause uncontrollable goose bumps. The farm is open from Thursday to Saturday. A ticket for all six of the attractions costs 30 dollars.

Whether one wishes to visit the ghosts of farmers’ past, or embark on a trail through haunted fields, Creamy Acres offers an array of scary attractions that appeal to any fear seeker’s needs.