Cherry Hill community shows rememberance through cherry blossoms

Lindsey DuBoff (’12), Eastside Opinions Editor

Every year during the last two weeks of April, Cherry Hill has a “9/11 Remembrance & Patriotic Gratitude” event that takes place on Chapel Avenue. Converting Chapel Avenue into a beautiful row of cherry blossom trees, a small group of residents who gathered in 1972 made a commitment to bring together the Cherry Hill community. With the support of former mayor, John Holden, and other council members, the group was successful in pursing its goals and cherry blossom trees were planted on Chapel Avenue ever year.

Although after a while the Cherry Hill Blossom Parades and Festivals went on hiatus for a time, once the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, Chapel Avenue’s cherry blossom trees were called upon again to show Cherry Hill’s sense of patriotism. For the past nine years, Cherry Hill’s firefighters and the American Legion Post 372 War Veterans have presented this event.

The event takes place in April because of the beautiful cherry blossom trees that cover the two-mile Chapel Avenue during this time. The blossoming trees are adorned with American flags and yellow ribbons and serve as a proud visual statement of Cherry Hill’s homage to America, America’s military and the remembrance of those who were tragically lost on September 11, 2001.

Anyone can attend the September 11 ceremony or simply drive through Chapel Avenue of blossoming cherry blossom trees to show their pride as Americans in remembrance of the tragic event of 9/11.

Families are encouraged to bring their children so that they, too, can participate in the remembrance of this solemn homage. Children are able to place a flower at the “9/11 Memorial” site or bring a small American flag or yellow ribbon to decorate the trees.

All who attend the “9/11 Remembrance & Patriotic Gratitude” will leave with both a stunning picture of blooming cherry blossoms imprinted in their minds and a sense of American pride.