Back Door Pizza restaurant review


Jillian Koenig ‘24

Koenig (’24) ordered the “Vodka, Hold the Tonic” Pizza.

As I pulled up to receive my food, I realized that the name “Back Door Pizza” literally meant “backdoor” pizza. Customers pick up their orders at the back door behind The Farm and Fisherman Tavern in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Owned and managed by the same staff as The Farm and Fisherman, Back Door Pizza opened up in October 2020. Manager, Ben Menk, said that the primary purpose of Back Door Pizza was to increase their takeout revenue as the pandemic caused fewer people to dine in at The Farm and Fisherman.

Back Door Pizza is a takeout-only restaurant. Ordering is very simple. I went on their website to order a few days in advance and I could specify what date and time I preferred to pick it up. Make sure to order a few days early because they have a limited number of pizzas!

“The reason why we have a limited amount of pizzas is because we still have a busy restaurant at The Farm and Fisherman so we don’t have that much space,” said Menk.

As long as you order in advance, the restaurant is very reliable in having your food ready at the correct time.

Koenig (’24) ordered the “Pistachio Caesar Salad.” (Jillian Koenig (‘24))

I ordered the “Vodka, Hold the Tonic” pizza, the “Bwoccoli Woccoli” pizza and the “Pistachio Caesar Salad”. Previously, I’ve also ordered their delicious plain pizza.

The “Vodka, Hold the Tonic” pizza had a penne vodka sauce along with a swirl of pesto. The crust was super doughy and soft. The “Bwoccoli Woccoli” pizza also had a doughy crust. This pizza was more of a white pizza, and it had chunks of broccoli and chopped garlic on it. I enjoyed the flavor and texture of the “Bwoccoli Woccoli”.

The “Pistachio Caesar Salad” had a fantastic nutty flavor that made it much more flavorful than a normal caesar salad.

Pictured here is the “Bwoccoli Woccoli” Pizza. (Jillian Koenig (‘24))

Menk said that their most popular dishes are the “Buttery Nut”, the “Bwoccoli Woccoli” (I can see why!), the “Super Pep” and their plain pizza.

I absolutely recommend Back Door Pizza and suggest that you try their various flavors of specialty pizzas.

Back Door Pizza is located at 1438 Marlton Pike East, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034.