Attend Holland Ridge Farms for the U-Pick Tulip event


Ellie Noh ('24)

Experience the tulip picking event at Holland Ridge Farms.

It is that time of year again…tulip picking season! Fortunately, there are more than 60 acres at Holland Ridge Farms with rows and rows of picturesque and vibrant tulips. There are also COVID-19 regulations in place such as wearing masks especially if you are not six feet apart with others and social distancing.
This U-Pick Tulip event lasted through April 27th and tickets had to be bought online to choose the day and time slot you were thinking of attending. Also, each tulip picked was one dollar, plus tax along with an entrance fee and buckets to put your picked tulips in were available as well.
This was a very unique way to destress and bring home your own set of tulips! In addition to these beautiful flowers, baked goods were offered fresh from their bakery (macaroons, tulip buttercream cupcakes, donuts, etc), tractor-pulled hayrides (for free), food trucks, picnic tables (with bottles of hand sanitizer on each one), aesthetic photography areas (bikes, haystacks, fake butterflies on a wall, dutch clogs, and etc), farm animals, a museum, a merchandise/souvenirs store and more!
The fields of tulips were a breathtaking view and an incredible experience especially when deciding between the millions of tulips. Whether you admire tulips or want to visit somewhere remarkable, Holland Ridge Farms is a wonderful place to go! Attending next year is definitely recommended.