Ariana serves authentic Afghan food in Voorhees

The next time you are going out to dinner and searching for something unique, try Ariana, a new Afghan restaurant located in Eagle Plaza, in Voorhees, which offers authentic Afghan cuisine. Ariana was the original name of the country now known as Afghanistan.

Fahima Sultani, the owner of the restaurant, said that she and her family left Afghanistan 26 years ago during the Russian invasion. Ariana is their second Afghan restaurant in the Philadelphia area.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated to highlight the Afghan culture. Several hand-made Afghan rugs, as well as holiday children’s clothing, garnishes the interior of the restaurant. Photographs of people in Afghanistan also line the walls. 

One of the most important elements of Afghan foods is the spices.

“Seventy percent of Voorhees customers love the spicy food,” said Sultani.

The most popular entrée at Ariana is Kabuli Palow. Kabuli Palow consists of delicately seasoned chunks of lamb or chicken under a mound of brown Basmati rice, topped with almonds, pistachios, carrots and raisins. All of the entrées can be ordered spicy or mild.

The menu features many Vegetarian dishes. One vegetarian dish is Chalow Sabzi, chopped spinach cooked in fresh tomatoes, onion, black eye peas, sun dried lemon, garlic and spices. 

Ariana offers any adventurous diner a unique Afghan dining experience right here in the community.