A new Turning Point for brunch goers

Move over Ponzio’s! There is a new restaurant in town, called Turning Point. Located in Marlton on Route 73 in the Marlton Square Specialty Center (next to the Trader Joes), Turning Point is a new option for avid breakfast/lunch/brunch enthusiasts. With a cozy atmosphere and food catering to any appetite, Turning Point provides original, yet affordable options off their menu.

The friendly and mellow atmosphere of Turning Point is set by the sea blue walls with wainscoting and a nice stone fireplace that can warm you up on a chilly day.

Once I got seated, I was given a menu and ordered a virgin mojito, a Florida fruit cocktail and a popeye skillet with scrambled eggs. The fruit cocktail and my drink arrived rather quickly by a very friendly waitress. The mojito is blended ice and mint with fresh squeezed lemonade. I first took a sip of my drink and was overwhelmed by how surprisingly refreshing it was. Then, I took a spoonful of the fruit cocktail. Although this dish wasn’t a fruit cocktail, more of a fruit parfait complete with cut up fresh fruit, granola and strawberry yogurt, it was still very fresh, delicious and colorful.

Once my fruit cocktail got cleared from my table, my popeye skillet arrived shortly after. This dish could be considered a breakfast masterpiece with eggs, spinach, mushrooms, jack cheese and a bit of sour cream on top. The fluffy eggs were served on top of crispy cubed potatoes. This dish was an egg lover’s dream.

Although Turning Point is only open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. it fulfills all of your breakfast/lunch/brunch cravings. The overwhelmingly large menu and wide variety of choices complete with great service and dishes that are very pleasing to anybody’s taste buds ensures for a pleasant experience while dining at Turning Point. Who knows, maybe this restaurant will spark a turning point in someone’s normal choice of brunch venues.