ManServants provides a service like no other



ManServants provide handsome gentlemen for you!

Nashita Ali, Eastside Staff

The day and age of traditional male strippers are now over. Feminism has taken over.  Founded in 2014 by Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khadijah, the pair created ManServants, a service that has taken media by storm and is catered to treat women like queens.

ManServants originally started in San Francisco and is now expanding all over the country into cities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas . For 125 dollars per hour, clients can hire attractive men to be at their service. The most common tasks assigned to a ManServant are to help paint nails, braid hair, prepare drinks or even assist in taking Instagram photos.

In order to become a certified ManServant, the applicant must go through an intense interview to prove that they are worthy of the job. Not only must the man be attractive, but he must be multifaceted, possessing characteristics of a true gentleman.  He must be witty, humorous, entertaining and emotionally relatable. Approximately 12 ManServants are assigned to each city to ensure that the company hires only the best of the best. Wai Lin and Khadijah prefer quality over quantity.

When hiring a ManServant, the fun part comes from choosing the name and identity of the desired servant. Clients are required to choose the name of their ManServant in order to disclose their identities. The Acceptable Behavior Policy requires all requests to be of a non-sexual manner. Clients are allowed to rent a ManServant for a maximum of six hours to ensure that the women do not get emotionally attached.

Although ManServants are expected to be skillful drink mixers, they are prohibited from staying past midnight and cannot consume alcohol or any type of drug. Out of the 125 dollars charged per hour, ManServants can earn from 50 to 80 dollars per hour. In 2014, Wai Lin and Khadijah served over 1,000 clients.

The biggest source of backlash comes from people who argue that the service is degrading to men and only serves as a way for women to overpower the opposite gender. However, there is a code of chivalry to ensure safe relations. ManServants is quickly growing in popularity and may soon be coming to an area near you.