Hunter Hunted’s new album “Ready For You” excites many fans

Hunter Hunteds new album is released

Courtesy of Sony Music

Hunter Hunted’s new album is released

Leah Downie, Eastside Staff

Michael Garner (specializes in keys and vocals) and Dan Chang (specializes in bass and vocals) from uprising indie pop band Hunter Hunted, have recently released a new album Ready For You. The album consists of 11 tracks, some of which mirror the sounds of popular bands such as Twenty One Pilots, A Great Big World, and Young The Giant.

The band’s most listened to track on Spotify, “Keep Together,” delivers a nice fast, upbeat sound and tempo. The chorus and its words are a bit repetitive, but combined with a catchy beat it has a bit of resemblance to the song “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow. The occasional addition of background voices makes the song sound like something one could listen to on a long car ride down to the beach with their friends.

The song “Lucky Day” is woven around the sound of a ukulele, playing at a steady tempo. Similar in sound to “Heart of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots, the song provides a happy, optimistic feel as it is talking about a lucky day.

As with other songs on the album, “Blindside,” uses multiple voices in the background to fill the sound of the song with an upbeat tempo.

The album’s title track, “Ready For You,” is surrounded by a steady drumbeat, overlapping techno sounds with a catchy chorus delivering a solid overall feel for the musical themes on the album.

Hunter Hunted brings a new, yet familiar sound to the table. If you’re looking for an upbeat, fun playlist to listen to on your next adventure, this might just be it.