Gimme Some Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn and John, an indie-rock band hailing from Sweden will soon debut their sixth album Gimme Some this March. Peter Bjorn and John’s fusion of catchy chorus lines, psychedelic combinations of drums and guitar, and bouncy beats make Gimme Some a noteworthy album for 2011.

The album cover of Gimme Some, courtesy of

“This time around we had the clear idea of going back to basics — guitar, bass, drums.”Peter Moran told Spin magazine. That idea that makes this album so infectious and those instruments are the main elements of Gimme Some. Out of the three instruments, drums definitely make the biggest impact. After listening to a song like “Breaker Breaker”, I start to pity the drummer, John Eriksson, for he seems to exert every ounce of energy he has into drumming each track .The listener might grow bored of hearing the album because almost every song follows the same style in which half of the song consists of lyrics and the other half consists of annoyingly repetitive guitar solos, but it is an exciting listening experience the first time one hears it .The song “Dig a Little Deeper” will most likely gain the most mainstream success, even though it seems to be the least original on the album. To its credit, it contains the clever lines such as, “Do you enjoy the silence/ when I went to discuss/ you like to keep it tidy/ I like to mess it up”. Youthfulness, past problems, and even some political satire are just some of the lyrical themes that pop up in the album. The track “Second Chance” wins my favor for its danceable rhythm and its similarity to their hit song “Young Folks” .Many other tracks have these traits and many other tracks can also give you the satisfaction that ”Second Chance” does, and it is those attributes that make Gimme Some similar to their breakthrough album Writers Block. In short, I predict Gimme Some will be yet another triumph for the talented musical trio of Peter Bjorn and John.