Windows 10 S, the Future of Educational Computing

August 12, 2020


Eli Weitzman

Microsoft releases Windows 10 S

Introducing Windows 10 S, the newest member of the Windows family… And while some may think that the “S” may stand for special, secure or even sport, the “S” truly stands for its intended customer in mind: the student.

Built with speed, agility and efficiency in mind, Windows 10 S is special from the others. Built to support any hardware currently on the market, Windows 10 S is a lightweight, secure operating system. With efficiency in mind, Microsoft created Windows 10 S with a purpose: to adapt to the large and demanding school environment. Including features like quick sign-in and built-in securely verified applications, 10 S has it all.

One key aspect of Windows 10 S that distinguishes it from the other versions of Windows is its lack of installable software. Instead of downloading possibly insecure software files and executables for the computer, Microsoft simplifies it for students, allowing only verified Windows applications to be installed from the store. And, to up security even more, Windows 10 S runs all its applications in separate “containers,” meaning that the apps won’t affect any of the device’s further performance.

Speaking of applications, Microsoft also announced the release of the full Office 365 suite on the Windows store. That makes it even easier to download to the machine and easier to use on-the-go.

One thought that may be coming to the reader’s mind right now may be “is this Windows RT?” For those wondering, Windows RT was a stripped-down operating system designed to be on the low-end Surface products, which disabled the ability to install applications, making them more affordable for the consumer. And while 10 S may be similar to RT, they are truly two opposites. 10 S is designed for students specifically, meaning it was tailored to intentionally be secure and easy to use. Windows RT was designed for everyone, based on a low-end machine, on a stripped-down software base, and was not intended for specified use.

Windows 10 S will be available for schools this summer, ready for upgrades and setup. Included with it is  free Minecraft: Education Edition applications. Again, some may think, “What does Minecraft have to do with learning?” Well, Minecraft’s educational platform is tailored to give visual learners a chance to understand things, by the construction of structures and reenactment of events. During the event, the Parthenon, an Ancient Greek temple, was used as an example of what could be simulated. And, a new code feature was announced as well for Minecraft.

Called Code Builder, a user of Minecraft Education Edition can, in addition to playing the game, now code as well. Using code editors like Scratch, Tynker and MakeCode, the user can now program a small friend called an agent, who completes various tasks and constructions.

All in all, Windows 10 S is packed to the brim with tons of features for students, and will hopefully be available soon for Cherry Hill.

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