here are many reasons as to why this pandemic is so monumental to the public eye. For one, there is no treatment available for infected persons, as the coding for COVID-19 has proved to be not only complex but can spread extremely rapidly. Also, there is increasing global pressure for a specific treatment of the virus, as it keeps infecting hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Since people globally have built up their immunity to the seasonal flu, their bodies are more accustomed to recover with treatment. There is a greater chance for people to be prone to the coronavirus since this variation was introduced just months ago.

The reason for why people are panicking is because of the urge for all Americans and people to stay indoors and away from others. Many people have been panicking amid the spread of the coronavirus. Shoppers around the world are stockpiling on their goods like hand sanitizer, canned foods and toilet paper.

People should social distance because it is one of the solutions to stopping the epidemic from spreading so rapidly. If everyone stays home and away from each other, they will not become infected.

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