What is your life purpose?

October 27, 2022

“To help people…I think a lot of people struggle, and I try my best to lighten their struggles…My brother struggled a lot with drugs, so I’d like to help him and anyone that he…took a toll on…the domino effect of drugs pretty much.” – 27, female

“To tell my testimony to other young teenagers, young girls, that…might struggle in life or have gone through situations and thought, ‘I just messed up my life forever.’ I am a firm believer that if you want something, no matter what age or what you’ve gone through, you can still [achieve] it.” – 39, female

“I think we’re all just here for a reason, and I don’t really know yet.” – 14, female

“My dream is to be a nurse. So to really help others, and find themselves really. Make them as comfortable as they can be. Make them feel like they have someone, someone to help them with whatever they need.” – 16, female

“To help animals. I’m going to school for marine biology, it’s to help animals that can’t help themselves or don’t know how.” – 18, female

“For my family, I want to have a nice job, so they can live comfortable their entire life after [my graduating college].” – 19, female

“I want to be a cop and detective one day, and I just want to help at least one person in life and save a life…Since I was younger, my dad was a cop and security guard and he helped people along the way…a lot of people hate cops, and I want to change at least one person’s view on it.” – 19, female

“I really feel like it’s to help others. I graduated in psychology and child studies, and I want to go in for counseling. Personally when I was younger, I felt like I didn’t have people, so I want to be that resource for younger kids that I never had.” – 22, female

“To write books.” – 14, female

“To make myself happy, to make my family happy…pretty much it, I don’t think I have much of a life purpose after that.” – 23, male

“I can see myself starting a life with my girlfriend, potentially my wife to be, and at that point, I think it’s going to be serving my family…raising successful children that have a positive impact on society.” – 29, female

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