What is your biggest regret?

October 27, 2022

“I don’t take time for more people. All the time, I keep away…When you come from another country, another culture, another religion, sometimes I feel afraid that people don’t want to talk with me because I come from another country. And now, I started speaking up because I realize if I continue to feel afraid to talk with another person, I’ll never meet more.” – 40, female

“I would regret that my marriage didn’t work out. Not because I think it should have worked out or that I regret getting divorced. I don’t regret that I got divorced, but I regret that things didn’t work out how I imagined they would.” – 41, female

“My biggest regret is sort of an ongoing thing. I’m definitely more of an introvert and as a result, I don’t stay in touch with a lot of people I wish I did. Even just certain friends, certain family members, I wish I could reach out to them more often and keep that relationship going.” – 30, male

“Coming to the United States [for an internship]. I cannot take care of my family back at home, Thailand. I’m not from here.” – 19, female

“Not being outgoing enough. Not taking the opportunities in front of me to be like, ‘Oh, let’s make new friends,’ or, ‘Oh, let’s do that!’” – 16, female

“I don’t think I have a regret in life because I think everything has helped me and given me something.” – 34, female

“Dedicating time to people that weren’t worth it, like old friends that didn’t reciprocate the same type of energy and care that I did.” – 18, female

“Not going on to get a master’s degree after college. I just liked the challenge and because I got married, I didn’t go ahead with it, but I would have enjoyed the challenge of getting a master’s degree.” – 61, female

“Not pushing myself to do better in school, I think at the beginning of high school, I could’ve done better. I could’ve tried harder. I think I try now, so I don’t look back and think ‘I could have.’” – 22, female

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