What is spring cleaning?

April 22, 2021

As the long, cold winter comes to a close and spring makes its way into the atmosphere, a lot of people are consumed by the sudden urge to deep clean their living space. This seasonal desire is known as “spring cleaning” and it’s become an annual event for most families.

Spring cleaning, although it has a lot to do with natural human instinct, has some influence from Jewish and Iranian culture.

During Passover, a holiday that marks the Jews’ escape from Egypt, keeping leavened bread in their homes was considered disrespectful towards God. Therefore, they would clean their homes before the beginning of Passover, which occurs around April, to make sure no bread was left behind. Another cultural tradition that has had a heavy impact on the notion of spring cleaning is one that was developed by the Iranians. They would deep clean their homes to welcome the new year. The Chinese had a similar custom where they would clean their homes to get rid of any lingering misfortune in their homes.

The drastic change from winter to spring makes many people feel like spring cleaning is a necessity for their household. However, the notion of tidying up one’s whole home can be extremely daunting and difficult.
Some tips for a successful spring cleaning experience are to: tackle the mess room by room, clear the clutter and keep cleaning supplies to a minimum.

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