Vivian Rong

Courtesy of Vivian Rong ('23)

Vivian Rong

When decorating my cookies, I wanted to denote the holiday season with festive ornaments we see around this time of year, such as Christmas lights, trees, and gingerbread houses.

For my first cookie, I piped and filled a red box for the bottom of the gingerbread house, then piped a scribble in white frosting for the roof and chimney. I placed larger sprinkles in the shapes of a gingerbread man and candy canes on the red block. After that, I put green sprinkles on the roof and dumped the excess sprinkles off of the cookie.

For my second cookie, I decided to make it a Christmas tree themed one. I ended up piping a white line of frosting around the edge of the cookie and placing colorful sprinkles on it to resemble Christmas lights. I then piped and filled a green heart in the center and put green sprinkles and a larger tree sprinkle in the center.

For my last cookie, it was really in the shape of a bell, but my friends and I decided that it would be fitting to pipe a Christmas tree instead. I piped and filled three triangles from the top of the cookie to the bottom, making sure to differentiate the three tree tiers, then put a gold star on top. After waiting for the icing to dry, I piped a white line diagonally across the tree and put light-shaped sprinkles on it.

My favorite cookie had to be the gingerbread house cookie because of how tiny and adorable it was. I am no professional cookie decorator, but I had a lot of fun getting into the holiday spirit with my friends and family by decorating these holiday-themed cookies.

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