@TylerLeomporra creates comedic content on TikTok

January 4, 2021

Tyler Leomporra (’21) uses his platform to make comedic content and he primarily does it for entertainment. In an interview with Leomporra, he spoke on different aspects of his TikTok account.

Interview with Tyler Leomporra (’21):

1. Why did you first start making TikToks?

It was a new platform and a way for me and my friends to make funny videos.

2. What is your favorite part about making TikToks so far?

The positive feedback from people, people who you don’t know around the world. It is crazy when your video reaches people from say Australia.

3. Has creating TikTok’s helped you or taught you anything important you can use in life?

Do what you want. If you like putting out content that you like, people are going to respond positively.

4. What made your TikTok account first blow up?

My first video was in school, sophomore year. We made a TikTok during lunch and it blew up from there.

5. Do you have any goals in the future relating to Tik Tok?

No, I don’t make TikToks anymore

Watch the TikTok video below on Tyler Leomporra’s account taken at Cherry Hill East’s homecoming dance in 2019.

@tylerleomporraWhen you got the whole school in on it🤠 ##hitthedale ##freeburke ##StayFresh @irwinswag ##hoco♬ Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd

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