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Top TV Show Seasons


It’s no surprise that Tim Burton would create yet another cinematic masterpiece. From the innovation of the storyline to the set and costume design, “Wednesday” is easily a top pick for TV show seasons of 2022. This show has mystery, intrigue, and a very unique style that is not easily forgotten. Jenna Ortega’s hilarious dark humor shows itself through Wednesday’s witty comebacks that leave the audience both shocked and proud. “Wednesday” is a show that wasn’t afraid to be weird, different and unique, which paid off in the end. I also love that the show is not afraid to mess with the audience, in plot twists and giving the audience exactly what they don’t want which is coincidentally what keeps us wanting more.

“Partner Track”

Partner Track is aggressively underrated. Though it topped the Netflix charts for a week or two and fell off, there should definitely be talk about making a second season. Based on a book written by lawyer-turned-author Helen Wan, this series perfectly captures women in the male-dominated workplace. I absolutely love the strength that is portrayed in the show when it comes to women and people of color, and I think it adds so much to the depth and reality of a profession that is known for its fight-till-the-death atmosphere. Ingrid Yun is an inspiration for so many young girls looking to go into law one day, as she shows there are no limits to being a woman of color in this legal drama. This series was one of my favorites of 2022, not to mention the number of life lessons that can be learned from watching and analyzing the plot and character choices.


Who doesn’t love this show? Honestly, there’s nothing to hate about it. Everyone I know will one hundred percent cuddle up for an old-timey romance with 1st world problems and a classy feel. As we meet the “most eligible bachelor” Viscount Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, there’s no doubting who the audience is rooting for from the beginning. I think the work put into this show is always so evident in every season, and season 2 was no different. Every shot, every production choice, and every dialogue has a purpose and makes the audience feel like our time is worth something. I especially loved the representation of South Asian figures in this season—not only is Bridgerton giving us great storytelling and drama, but we’re also getting representation on the big screen. What more can you ask for from the best of TV show seasons in 2022?

“The Summer I Turned Pretty”

Jenny Han fans have been waiting for this one for a long time, and it finally arrived. I don’t think this show could have had a better debut season. The show has a great feel and a distinct summer disposition—think pastels, ocean reflections, and sunglasses perched on heads. The show also gained a lot of positive momentum and is now already in the making of a second season. I think “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has an amazing, young, fruitful and promising cast but perhaps it’s because they are so young in some parts that their newness to acting is clear. I think what is keeping the audience drawn in right now is Jenny Han’s incredible original story that began from pen on paper. Other than that, Amazon Prime did some really smart advertising but the writers should tone down Gen Z-ifying the script for season 2. I think all of Gen Z can agree we each cringed a little even if Belly did “look like a snack.”

“Stranger Things”

We were finally gifted with season 4 of “Stranger Things” this year, after a three-year hiatus. I won’t lie—I was disappointed with this season. I mean, we waited three years just to see the whole crew split apart for most of the season. This season felt like a buffer between season 3 and season 5—it didn’t feel like its own. Even after watching the whole thing, I feel like something is missing and there has to be something more. I didn’t quite understand the point of the ambiguous ending with us on the edge of our seats after three years of nothing. Honestly, it really just felt like when the third “To All The Boys” movie came out. It’s been too long since the last season aired and the excitement is slowly but surely diminishing. There were many compelling choices of the producers in this season like the character of Eddie Munson, but the end decisions made me question if maybe it was a bit too much sadness for the audience to handle. I felt like “Stranger Things 4” just really missed the mark. But, it did make my top 5 because we got to see long-lost characters back in a fan favorite. With El’s new storyline and Hopper’s touching tenacity—it’s definitely not nothing.

2022 saw the release of exciting new tv show seasons. (Vivian Rong)

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