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2022 wrapped: Television edition. Full of adjusting to life from a state of isolation, to finding yourself in the midst of chaos, to say the least, it has been full of ups and downs for many. One highlight of many people’s days however, is the outlet of entertainment, specifically television series. The short yet thought-provoking element of a series allows viewers to sit on the edge of their seat while engaging in binge worthy titles.

According to Forbes, one of the leading in the industry of news, popular series Stranger Things season four had the most hours watched on Netflix, with an astonishing 1.87 billion hours of views. (Paul Tassi, Forbes) Top actors of Stranger Things include star Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Winona Ryder, and more highly notable cast members. Even though a portion of the shows were fighting for renewal, some of the top shows were available for a limited time. Despite these challenges, top series took a call to action to give viewers what they want.

Furthermore, in second place, Wednesday season 1 aired just at the end of the year with an astonishing 1.1314 billion hours viewed. Shortly after premiering on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, it has quickly risen to fame as the new adaptation of Charles Adams’s comics. Created by Tim Burton, the series was filmed in majority in Romania to provide Wednesday Addams with justice in displacement for the art of television.

Third of all, came Dahmer, the award-winning criminal investigation show with 962.4 million hours of views. Facing backlash for Netflix’s ethical issues with obsessions of true crime, the fascinating storyline captures the essence of American horror stories. With much controversy on titles such as Dahmer, the popularity has driven Netflix to continue to show investigating serial killer dramas.

Fourth place holds the title of Bridgerton, with 775.2 million hours watched. Brigerton, adapted from the novel with the twist of brilliance from Shonda Rhimes, is a cult-favorite romance mix-historical drama series.

In fifth place came All of Us Are Dead season 1 with 662 million hours viewed. This series is a K-drama feature about trapped high school students who must escape the plot twist of a ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

Featuring a wave of fan-favorite actors, to groundbreaking performances, the power held in television had defied the odds of potential, reflecting in increased viewers, shows, and much more to offer to the human eye.

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