The quest for the perfect milkshake comes to an end

 As the weather begins to get warmer and the need for cold treats becomes ever more important, my quest is starting to get a tad more intense. Determined to find the best milkshake in the area, the final place I tried is two-time Best Milkshake of Philadelphia award winner, Nifty Fifty’s.

A unique flashback to the 1950s, Nifty Fifty’s definitely ended my search for the best milkshake—in the sweetest way possible.

On the menu, the restaurant claims that its “love and perfection uncovered the finest and highest quality pure malt,” which I must indeed agree with. I ordered a chocolate mint Oreo milkshake, which already earned points on the originality scale. Although the service was extremely slow, the milkshake itself was absolutely incredible. Blended to the perfect thickness, it epitomized the definition of a quality shake. I recommend not only the shake, but also the restaurant itself to anyone willing to voyage to any one of its five locations.

On my journey, I discovered new places, tried new flavors and enjoyed some of the best shakes this area has to offer. Although there typically aren’t a lot of fun things in the Cherry Hill area, there sure is a lot of food. My milkshake adventure was definitely delicious, but I must say I’m rather “milkshaked” out. I wonder what I’ll try next…