The media’s portrayal of political parties affects students’ views at East

April 10, 2021

In a survey sent out to Cherry Hill East students, they were asked to respond in one word on how they view the Republicans and Democrats. The blunt answers generalize the students’ overall view and impression of each party. One major influence of the responses is most likely social media because of its large influence on every aspect of teen life, especially how teens view news.
Our country has been extremely polarized lately. One aspect of life that has changed in recent years is the evolution of technology, which includes the development of social media. Social media was created as a tool so grandparents could view pictures their grandchildren and to connect with old friends. Somewhere along the way, the lines of social media have been blurred, and it is no longer a tool, but a business.
The goals of these companies is to keep people on their apps as long as they can so they curate the users’ feeds to what they like. This means when it comes to politics users rarely see posts on their feed with which they disagree or challenge their beliefs. In addition, people begin to see nothing right with the other side when every bit of news or opinions confirms their own biases. Social media is a tool that can bring us together but also has the power to create a larger divide.

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