The Kramer Family

January 9, 2020

For generations, the Kramer family has resided in Cherry Hill. Members of the Kramer family, ranging from Ben Kramer, who graduated in 1979, to Shaina Kramer, who will graduate at the end of this year, all attended Sharp, Beck and eventually Cherry Hill East.

Aaron Kramer, Shaina Kramer’s father who graduated in 1982, as well as Ben Kramer, Shaina Kramer’s uncle, have lived in Cherry Hill all of their lives. Ben Kramer remained involved with East throughout the years by photographing football games when his son Alex Kramer (‘13) played football for East. Each of Ben Kramer’s four children, who are now all in their twenties, also attended East. Both Shaina Kramer’s brother, Conrad Kramer (‘14), and her sister, Gwen Kramer (‘17) similarly graduated from East.

Courtesy of Shaina Kramer (’20)
Shaina Kramer graduates in 2020.

After studying photography at East, Ben Kramer began his career as a photographer. He attended Rider University where he worked as a self-employed portrait and event photographer.

Both Aaron and Ben Kramer had Mr. Kovnat as their photography teacher, and for the past two years Shaina Kramer has had Mr. Kovnat too. Although Mr. Kovnat does not remember having Aaron and Ben Kramer as students, they have stayed close throughout the years.

“It is always fun to run into each other here and there around Cherry Hill, often at Temple Emanuel, where we all attend,” said Shaina Kramer.

Shaina Kramer further described the imprints East made on her family members. “Because of my family I was really set on East,” said Shaina Kramer. She went on to explain how her dad always enjoyed socializing in the hallways between classes when he attended East.

“My family remained in Cherry Hill after growing up here…they really liked the schools…they wanted us to experience it too,” said Shaina Kramer.

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